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2006 Somero SXP W/ Spare Parts included /List attached.

Category: Used Screeds
The Laser Screed has revolutionized how Concrete is placed. The Screed has an automatic laser control system that ensures an accurate level finish through the use of electro-hydraulic controls. It allows the Concrete Contractor to provide Quality Flat and Level Floors. Whether its a smaller Floor using a Somero Copperhead, or a 100,000 Square foot Warehouse using a Somero SXP, we have the equipment needed. The Contractor is now able to not only tackle the Jobs with a much faster time of completion but also with less Labor. The industry is always changing and we also continue to adapt and keep up with those changes.

Equipment Details:
2006 Somero SXP W/ Spare Parts included /List attached.
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Item #: 11320
Year: 2006

Price: $110,000.00

Make/Brand: Somero
Model/Product: SXP
Equipment Hours: 2100

14' Head/ Two Receivers/Heated Seat. Excellent Condition.

Parts list:

Main Components:

* 3 Laser Receivers $9000
* 2 Dual Control Box DCD21-S $7078
* SLS Angle Sensor $2136
*TRB @ Front of Head $3869
* Auger $1850
* Foam Filled Tire $700

Misc. Parts:

* Isolator Vibrator Bushing $43
* Vibrator Drive Shaft Extension $321
* Vibrator Drive Sprocket $211
* Vibrator Belt $422
* Vibrator Bearing Mount Plate $364
* 5 Vibrator Bearings $575
* 2 Auto/Manual Switches $35
* 3 Stage Grade Rod $413
* 3/4 Spare Hydraulic Fittings Kit $303
* 2 TRB to AS-21 10ft 6in Cable $907
* GCS21 Adapter Cable $332
* Emergency Device Power Harness $92
* Screed Elevation Harness $402
* 25ft Emergency Coil Cord $300
* Adapter Boom Cord to Main Harness $216
* Adapter Boom Cord to Head Harness $185
* 4 Hydraulic Cartridge Coils $140
* Hydraulic Hoses $500
* Fuel Filter $20
* Engine Belt $25
* Taper-Lock Bushing $30
* Belt Tension Tool $30
* Auger Shims $50

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Equipment Details
Equipment Details
Equipment Details
Equipment Details
Equipment Details

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